Web version of the Definitive Map

Welcome to our online records of Public Rights of Way (RoW). Click on the link below to view a map showing the routes. You can zoom in to any area of the county. If you click on the route using the information button you will see a description of it (this is known as the ‘definitive statement’).

Use the buttons at the top right of the screen to navigate. You can zoom in or out with the magnifying glass, pan up, down and across with the hand and click on a line with the information button to see the statement and other path information. The ? button opens a help screen.

The paths on this map can only be viewed with the 1 to 10,000 base map (because that is the map on which they are recorded). If you zoom in beyond that level the base map changes and the paths disappear. To see the rights of way again simply zoom out with the magnifying glass.

NB: This map is just a representation of the legal record of public rights of way in Hertfordshire. The legal record, known as the Definitive Map & Statement, can be seen at County Hall, District and Parish Council offices and your local library. For the purposes of buying or selling land or property, it is strongly recommended that you conduct a formal Land Charges search and ask your solicitor to check for public rights of way. link

Dawn Grocock
Countryside Access Officer
Public Rights of Way Service
01992 555235 www.hertsdirect.org