Bayford Parish Council
Meetings of the Parish Council.    Dates and Minutes of the meetings.
Village Clean Up  photographs 29 March 2009.
Refuse    New Schedule for Refuse Collections.
The Stables    EHDC DCC Meeting, 1st July 2009.
    EHDC DCC Meeting, 14th Jan 2009.
     Notification of Appeal. The Appeal will be held on the 25th and 26th of August, I assume at County HallWritten submissions by 27th May.
Rumball's Hump    The Appeal Decision.11th August 2003
Village Clean Up.    16th March 2008. Here is the evidence
Land Sale, Ashendene Rd.   Here is a map showing the extent (shown in red). The land includes all the driveway and the land infront of the garages, aswell asss the grassy area. Closing date for offers in mid January.
Bayford Action Group.   The Bayford Action Group web site is now up and running.
Gypsy Camp for Bayford?.   Here is a map of the proposed location.
Look at Gypsies and Travellers
and APPENDIX ONE GREEN BELT AREAS for more details.
Here is a summary. for East Herts
and Accomodation Needs of Gypsies and Travellers on N and E Herts.
And from the EERA Gypsies and Travellers
A New Notice Board for Broad Green Wood.   The old notice board has been replaced. Many thanks to Dr Alan Wilson for his assistance.
A New Public Footpath For Bayfordbury.   Here is the Map showing the proposed Public Footpath.
The Parish Boundary.   Here is a Map of the Parish
The 3rd Village Clean Up.   The Story The Gallery 20 May 2007
The Rose Triangle.   The Rose Triangle
Verges Venture   Two excellent mornings' work.
Keep The NHS Public Campaign     Welwyn Hatifield Campaign to Save QE2/Hatfield Hospitals.
The NHS Debate     Patricia Hewitt answers Mark Prisk. An e-mail from Mark Prisk
The Parish Council    List of Councillors
Aims    Parish Council Aims
Village News     Rose Triangle, Notice Board and Bus Shelter. Thanks to all concerned.
Current Issues   Here are some current matters of moment
Village Clean Up 23rd April 2006   The facts and more photographic evidence.
Village Clean Up   The photographic evidence. 18 January 2004
Historical Perspective    Some extracts from the minutes Beating The Bounds. 1902