Dear Parish, Town, District or Borough Council

New Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way for Hertfordshire

The County Councilís Rights of Way Service has just published the 2010 version of the Definitive Map & Statement of Rights of Way for Hertfordshire.

As a Parish, Town, District or Borough Council, you would have been sent big (A1 size) maps that cover your parish, back at the last edition in 2005/06. For 2010 we donít intend to send out these paper copies, as there is now a web map version on the Countyís HertsDirect :- website

The intention is to give users a more up-to-date look at where the footpaths, bridleways and byways are recorded throughout the County. This will also save the county over a thousand pounds in printing, copying and delivery charges.

New Definitive Statement

Statements, the description of the route etc which accompanies the map, can also be found online

Land Charges property searches

As the Definitive map does not show potential path claims and diversion applications, it is still recommend that property queries are referred directly to the Land Charges Service in the first instance.

Rights of Way queries

For queries on applications, access issues and maintenance reports please contact the Rights of Way Service at County Hall, CHN103. Tel 01992 555279. Or if known please continue to contact the relevant rights of way officer for your area.

Paper copies on request

If you feel that the web map version does not meet a specific need, we may consider requests to print A1 sheets for you. It is hoped that this will only be for major projects for example. Please note that we can now also do A3 paper versions as a more economic alternative.

For District and Borough Councils, please ensure that this information is cascaded to your unparished areas, i.e Bushey, Baldock etc.
Please email me if you have any queries
Many thanks
David Bambury
Rights of Way Technical Officer
Environmental Management Group (CHN103)
Hertfordshire County Council
Tel: 01992 555283