The Great Domesday Book.

The Entry for Bayford (Begesford).


King William holds BAYFORD. It is assessed at 10 hides. There is land for 20 ploughs. In demesne [are] 2 hides and 3 virgates, and there are 3 ploughs. A priest and the reeve of this vill with 22 villans have 15 ploughs, and 2 more can be there. There are 9 cottars and 1 slave, and 2 mills rendering 26s , meadow for 20 ploughs, pasture for the livestock and [rendering] 2s , [and] woodland for 500 pigs. In all it renders 16l by tale; when the sheriff received it, 8l ; TRE 20l. Earl Tosti held this manor, but King Edward had it in demesne on the day on which he died.